How can I change dynamics in just one stave?

Chamber work 9 players. I have a spot where I wan’t everything marked a dynamic lower than a solo part for violin, but when I put a louder dynamic on the violin it changes them for the whole ensemble. I remember reading something about this recently but can’t find it again. Thanks.

Sounds like your dynamics are linked. Right-click on the one you want to change, and select Dynamics–Remove from group.

Shouldn’t that be Dynamics → Unlink? Grouping of dynamics is horizontal, linking vertical.

My understanding was that “Remove from group” was the whole kaboodle. Best if you don’t want to parse out the various connected relationships between dynamics.

You’re right, ungrouping unlinks at the same time, I missed that.
I see a small additional UX bonus in Remove from Group: you end up with only the ungrouped dynamic selected, as opposed to unlinking, where all previously linked dynamics become selected, which is a little confusing: you can’t see which one got unlinked (or if it actually happened at all) unless you click again. I think it would be more useful to see only the dynamic you selected to unlink remain selected.
@Dev team: consider this a very low-priority feature request…

Thanks for the responses. “Remove from group” did the trick.

Having said all the above, “unlink dynamics” appears to no longer work, at least in my setup. It used to, but now it doesn’t.

[Edit] OK, it does still work. But only in Write Mode, which is pretty inconvenient given that the primary reason (for me, at least) for wanting to unlink a dynamic is to be able to move it independently of the others linked to it, which can only be done in Engrave Mode.

This means that when working in Engrave Mode, to move a linked dynamic, I have to first change to Write Mode, unlink it, then return to Engrave Mode.

I’d love to be wrong about that — am I missing something?

Thanks as always.

No, I’m afraid you’re not wrong about it, Lew. At present you cannot unlink dynamics in Engrave mode (and I thought I had, though perhaps I have not, made it such that the menu items and commands will be disabled in Engrave mode to reinforce that fact).