How can I change Midichannel with Expressionmap

Dorico developpers are talking about adding this feature to dorico in future.
Thats why I wonder if this in Cubase already possible or not.

Keeping in mind, that most Orchestralibraries offer different articulations of the same instrumenttyp ( Violins: Legato, Staccato, Spiccato, Portato etc.) with different patches on different midichannel of a sampler-instance (Halion, Kontakt, Vienna Instrument, Play, Sampletank, UVI, Engine etc.) It would be great and very reasonable to let a certain expression point at least to a certain different midichannel or even different midi-ports which is still even more reasonable when it comes to combine different Libraries runnig on different Samplplayers/Instances.

Am I right: as far as I know there is currently no way to let the expressionmap change this midichannel/midiport data to trigger a certain patch? (Than this Topic would be a feature-request)

…or did I justz missed anything. So it would be cool if someone could link me any documentation/page which helps me to figure out how to do this.

Yes, you can change midi channel with expression map.

This may answer the question that has daunted me for many months: How to assign midi channels to the lanes of beat designer?

:bulb: An expression map added to a MIDI track using beat designer could be used to map “notes” to MIDI channels. Since expression maps also allow notes to be transposed, that might solve my issue. (with strategy #4 in my revised proposal). I wouldn’t need the logic editor to remap drum sounds.