How can i change the color of a selected audio as a default

As shown in the screen below,

I changed the interface colors of Cubase is since my selection color is now turn red
I know it’s only aesthetic but I wanted to know if it was possible to change that

yea mh… anyone ?

You can set colour choices for different types of tracks via preferences. Edit > Preferences. There’s an option in there for customising the user interface.

yea i know i doesn’t work that’s why i’m here

i trying to figure it out why i can’t restore the blue selection one as default I don’t know if it’s understandable

You mean you want to change the red back to the grey? If grey is your standard color for audio tracks press a modifier key (CTRL or Alt, either works) and left-click into the first part of your audio track (where the little waveform is shown). A little color table will pop up with the option “set back to track default” or something like that.


this pop-up ? I don’t think so.
I applied and restarting it doesn’t change anything

can the windows registry editor change this kind of parameter/settings ?



it just changes the color of the waveform I think cubase had a problem with color inactive in register key

Oh, I’m sorry. I somehow missed the ‘selection’ part. That’s not possible imho within Cubase.

I don’t see how I could change the color when it’s not possible as normal but thank you anyway