How can I change the marker track to linear mode?

it is possible for change time base of the marker track to Cubase5
But i can’t find any time base button on the marker track. in Cubase8
help me…


Right click in the area on the top (timeline ruler)?


hey, i mean not the time line but linear mode of Marker Track ‘only’

I attach a picture of Cubase5 for understanding.

Click the orange quarter note button.

It may be hidden by default. Check the track setup.

Thank you. I resolved this problem by your favor.

Since you’re on the topic of ‘linear mode’, can someone tell me what that means.
The dropdown menu on the ruler track has a selection of (for instance) ‘bars and beats’ plus ‘bars and beats linear’.
What is the difference? What does checking the ‘linear’ option do?

The drop-down menu has nothing to do with Linear vs Musical Timebase. It affects only how the data is displayed (i.e. whether it shows bars+beats, or seconds etc.)
Linear vs Musical Timebase affects what actually happens when you change the tempo…
For simplicity, let’s say you double the tempo (e.g. from 120 BPM to 240 BPM)…
When set to “Musical”, if you have an event that starts on bar #5, when the tempo is 120 BPM, that event will occur at 8.0 secs exactly. If you then change the tempo to 240 BPM, the event will still happen at bar #5, but bar #5 now occurs at 4.0 secs exactly.
If, before changing the tempo, you set the track to Linear TImebase, when you do change the tempo, that event will still occur at 8.0 secs, but, at the new tempo of 240 BPM, that will now be the start of bar #9.

So, in your example, in linear mode the perceived ‘speed’ of the piece will remain the same after the tempo change. In contrast, in musical mode the piece will sound like it’s twice as fast after changing tempo from 120 to 240 bpm because it plays for only half as long. And in both modes the actual temporal duration of the notes (let’s say quarter-notes) will be half as long after the change to 240 bpm.

Is that correct?

Correct :slight_smile:

And in both modes the actual temporal duration of the notes (let’s say quarter-notes) will be half as long after the change to 240 bpm.

Not exactly sure what you mean by “temporal duration” :wink:. Do you mean, how the (e.g. quarter-)notes will appear in the score/against the key editor grid?
If so, then, in Musical Timebase, the quarter-note will still be a quarter note (but of course, playing twice as fast because of the new tempo), but in Linear Timebase it will become a half-note (so that its “heard” length will still be the same at the faster tempo).

By “temporal duration” I simply mean the duration that the note plays in time (e.g., in seconds).

When I first read your original post I too thought that (in linear mode) quarter-notes would become half-notes, but after drawing it out on paper I realized that they could be maintained (musically) as quarter-notes if they were forced to play for half the duration (in time). I thought that was preferable because it preserved the musical structure of the passage. However, after reading your latest reply I now realize that forcing quarter notes to remain quarter notes (after increasing tempo) involves ‘mixing the modes.’

It’s now clear that Steinberg chose to dilate/compress time in musical mode to preserve measure-based structure whereas in linear mode measures are dilated/compressed in order to allow time to remain fixed.

Thinking about this was a useful exercise… :smiley: