How can I change the notehead in rhythmic notation?

How can I change the notehead in rhythmic notation to get the same result as in the third bar of the attached file?

Unfortunately many for me important things are not possible in Dorico.

Create a custom notehead set.

You can use Oversized Slash noteheads for the eighth notes and X noteheads for the 16th notes. Build them into a notehead set if you like.

Leo’s way is easier. I keep forgetting that the default options from the context menu are sufficient for most everything.

Oh yes, I could find by right click that in the context menu is the entry “noteheads” and there I could choose the X and so on…

But it doesn’t work, and that was the reason for my article. It works with standard notation but not with rhythmic notation.

Don’t use a slash voice for this. Use a regular voice, then change the noteheads accordingly.


Unfortunately I forgot how I created the slash-voice and so I do not know quickly how to withdraw it.

Select all the notes, right-click-Voices-Change Voice-Upstem Voice 1, or downstem if you prefer.