How can I “clean up” my license to reflect actual vs “old” windows


Cubase Pro is undoubtedly the most advanced DAW, and that goes hand in hand with its license protection.

The issue I’m having is probably quite simple to fix on Steinberg’s end, because I can’t do it on mine: My license profile needs to be amended to reflect that I am only using Cubase Pro 10.5 on ONE windows machine.

I performed two windows refresh operations, which seemed to have created a “new computer” on the license detection, when it is actually the same computer, same HDD, and same windows…now it looks as if there are THREE installations of steinberg cubase 10.5 pro, when in actuality, it is installed only on ONE windows 10 machine.

I don’t think I can do this, so how do I let steinberg know what the issue is? I want to install it on my MacBook Pro (as we are allowed to have it on three machines simultaneously) and it is installed only on ONE windows 10 laptop, but because of the reinstall of the operating system, it appears to have been installed on different machines - so please LMK


If you are using Cubase Pro, then the license is on a dongle.
You unplug the dongle and plug it into another computer, and it works no matter how many computers you install Cubase Pro on.
The 3 computers in the EULA are not a technical limitation.

So a little confused, how or where You see something that looks as if there are three installations.

My mistake then
The program is indeed running on the MacBook Pro
It just keeps asking me to register, so I was simply thinking it was related to the 3 computer ids

FWIW it is running with the dongle, which is a great security measure
Thank you

If you have registered the license just click “Already Registered.”