How can I color all the tracks of the root directory and those of the sub-directories in one go

I have tracks in a root directory that has subdirectories and these subdirectories also have tracks.
When I do Option + Click or Shift+Click on the header of a directory or a track a small dialog box appears proposing me to color, but one by one.
How can I color all the tracks of the root directory and those of the sub-directories in one go because I have a lot to do?
Thanks in advance

I’m assuming by ‘root directory’ you are referring to Folder Tracks.

Basically you can change the color of multiple Tracks by Selecting all the desired Tracks and choosing a Color from the Color Menu. However in order for this to work you need to make sure that no Audio Events, MIDI Parts, etc. in the Project Window are Selected - because if any are then they will get their Color changed and the Tracks won’t.

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You get almost the same functionality from the menu item
Project → Colorize Selected Tracks (Events)…

The difference being that the menu item will open the color dialog as its own window. It can be dragged around and will stay open after selecting a color. Great if you want to colorize many tracks differently.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to prevent the events on the selected tracks to get colorized, too.

Hello again,
Indeed Raino, it’s the folders, with your method we can color only the folders and the tracks that are selected.
But the problem is if I have folders with many subfolders I have to open all the subfolders and click on their tracks to color them all because if the subfolder is closed the tracks inside will not be colored but only the folder that will be.
In fact, how can we open in one click the subfolders of the folders instead of opening each subfolder one after the other?

Thanks Johnny_Moneto for this tip, there are many hidden functions in Cubase :slight_smile:

@veve_mao First, select the folder track and then do the following:

Or try the following to also simultaneously colorize the tracks:

By default Parts & Audio Events don’t have any color assigned to them. In this unassigned state they display whatever the Track’s Color is. But once you explicitly set a Part to a color it will retain that color even when the Track Color changes.

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