How can I control Pre Gain, HiCut, LowCut, Fase???

Hi, how can I control pre gain hi cut low cut and phase from cc121?

You can’t. With the AI knob only… I requested this feature before.

Also thinking about purchasing the CC121… And would also love to be able to control LowCut with it.

I know you can lock the AI knob to a specific parameter. Say you lock it the LowCut filter in the Pre section, will it ‘adapt’ to the selected channel when switching channels? Or will it be locked to the LC filter for that one specific channel?

And is the volume knob at the top right of the unit actually user-assignable?

Oh man, if I could just control Low Cut from CC121, my life would be complete!

The AI Knob changes any value when the mouse cursor is placed over that specific parameter; well almost any value including third party VSTs. Some WAVES plugins dont respond, some do. I believe it will work for all Cubase parameters including the faders.

if LOCK is activated only that particular parameter is affected, regardless of any channel being selected. hence, to lock the AI Knob on, for example Channel 5 Audio Track Low Cut, only Ch5 Low Cut will be activated, regardless of any other channel being selected and or displayed. the trick to get around this is NOT to lock the AI Knob; however, as you move through each channel using the Channel Select, the mouse will still be hovering over the Low Cut parameter. You will then be able to make the necessary changes to other channels yet without LOCK being engaged.

Maybe I’m missing something, but why don’t you find the CC121 EQ controls sufficient?