How can I copy Inserts from one track to another

I am using reverb, compression, and pitch control on the vocal tracks on all of my tunes. Is there a way to copy the inserts from one track to another and from one project to another?


You can save your insert chain as a preset, which can easily be selected in all projects on all tracks. Just click on the small quader symbol on the insert tab.

Thanks! I will give it a try…

As for copying ‘Inserts’ from track to track, hold either ‘ALT’ or ‘CTRL’ [can’t quite remember which one] and just click & drag & drop from one mixer channel to the next.

Just started doing this myself.

I don’t think it works for sends though.


No problem. Happy to help.

Five years later, thanks for this !
That’ll save me quite some time :slight_smile: