How can I create a stationary short, angled line that doesn't have to be recreated every time?

For classical guitar notation, a short “dash” at about a 15 degree angle is used extremely frequently to indicate a shift with the same finger. The dash is placed next to the fingering. So far, I can create a line and adjust it every time, but the line itself does not stay stationary or at the same length when anything around it is moved. I checked through all of the symbols, and nothing resembles what I’m trying to create. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, Alec.

I think you’re looking for fingering slides, which are a part of the fingering functionality. See

Thanks so much for the reply! I have checked this out, but the issue is that these slides assume that the notes are next to each other, or aren’t exchanging fingerings along a slide. This would be great for simple situations, but I’m looking for something that the software doesn’t need to understand.

The general purpose tool for putting symbols on the page is Playing Techniques. You can use the Playing Techniques Editor to create Plying Techniques out of any font character (from any font you have installed), imported SVG images etc.

That said, Dorico’s been built around semantic needs. If you can give a screenshot of the sort of thing you’re looking for, it may be that someone then says “yeah, that already exists; you just need to do x”.