How can i create notes from a sample ?

I have seen this video that explain how you create notes that you can play on your keyboard from a sample
But the problem is that it’s on FL Studio and I wanted to know if you can do it in cubase too ?

drop audio into cubase, go into sample editor and select “pitch & warp”, it will turn the audio into notes and now u can play around with them
another way is if u have melodyne then u record it on the track and play with the notes inside melodyne editor
another way is drop the audio into groove agent one and create slices/hit points on each pad. each note on the keyboard now plays a sample

Drop the one sample onto a groove agent SE pad.
Click the pitch tab and set a key range. Click on the sample tab and click warp.
The sample will now play across your midi keyboard depending on the key range set.

I couldn’t try your answer because I have the artist version of cubase 8 and it doesn’t provide this feature :confused:
But thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer it worked perfectly :slight_smile:
Is it also possible to have 2 notes playing at the same time ?

pitch and warp does a poor job at turning audio into notes, in my opinion. Only really simple audio parts will work…