How can i create sounds like in Ableton, FL and Bitwig?

Hi there,

How can i create sounds i have created in these DAWs?

I have tried

~( Modulating ) QuickControls
~( Modulating ) MIDI CC via Virtual MIDI Ports ( Generic Remote )

None of the above work and i need to get 1 Modulation Source, with different values ( + inverted amounts ) to destination

I am awaiting with excitement to make modulated sounds in Cubase

How can i create Modulated sounds like in Ableton, Bitwig and FL Studio?


The way is to use Input Transformer or Logical Editor.

Hi there,

I don t understand how can i do this with Transformer or Logical Editor


Sorry, I was wrong, you need a single Logical Editor (or Transformer) instance for every single output. You cannot set it up to do this AND that AND that.