How can I delete a whole project (with audio files in same folder than others)?

For unimportant projects i have one big folder but how can I delete just one project with its audio files? (remember i cannot just delete the folder because there are other projects inside as well).

thanks for help!
matt :slight_smile:


  • Remove all relevant tracks from the project.
  • Remove Unused Media in Pool > Trash.
  • Empty Trash > Erase.

But I would strongly recommend to make a new Project folder (with Audio sub-folder) for every single project.

ok thanks
would be so nice to just have a button “delete whole project with all audio files” :wink:
but ok

This is a hairy one in most DAWs. I think Logics approach of putting everything in a zipped archive is pretty neat.


To back up the whole project (with all included Audio files) is another story. You can use dedicated function File > Backup Project. That’s simple.

Not a good way to work. I suggest you start using separate folders for every project. It makes life much simpler. You can have them in a sub folder. I don’t think I’d want a single button to delete a project. Far too dangerous.