How can I delete the included expression maps from the expression map editor?

I will not be using any of the included expression maps (HSO etc.) in Dorico. I don’t want to look at them in the list every time I am editing my own expression map (which will be often, as I have about 200 to do). They cannot be trashed directly from the list. How can I unlock and delete them?

Go into your prefs folder (~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5/ on mac) and you’ll find them there.

Note that if you want to rename them you have to change the tag inside the JSON, not just the folder name

I’m not sure that the built-in HSO Ex Maps are in the user prefs folder. I think they’ll be inside the application bundle (on a Mac), with all the other program data like instruments. (YeS: Resources > expressionMapsDefinitions.xml).

You can edit the contents of the app, but bear in mind that updates will correct the changes. It’s possible that in the future, altering the contents of the app will ‘break’ the code-signing security, and the app won’t open.

You can of course filter the ex maps that are in use, or with a Search term, at the top of the list.

Yeah you’re right on that.

Personally I wouldn’t worry about it. Having HSO around is nice because the performance is so good, I use it to whack around sometimes.

I have spent countless hours using Steinberg list editors, and I must say the workflow design on every single one is downright terrible.
Cubase expression maps, drum maps, Logical Editor, remote editor… so bad

Now Dorico with it’s expression maps, playback techinques, performace techniques, endpoint configuration…
All poorly designed in ways that slow user performance and introduce general frustration to the already mundane tasks.

First order of business is to exclude things you don’t need from your sight.
There are umpteen studies on this dealing with the neuroscience of focus and attention.

Having all those maps I will never use is like having a series of books on swimming sitting right in the middle of your music book library, and you can’t remove them.

And no, (laughs) being able to hide unused maps is not helpful to the main function of the expression map editor- creating new expression maps.
You can’t use them until you have made them!