How can I delete VST2 version of my plugins?

Hi all,
Is there a way to rapidly delete the VST2 version of my plugins as I don’t use them at all and they clutter the Plugins Manager ?

i do this with my softube plugins as by default the installer installs all AAX/VST2 & VST3 (but i only need VST3)

my vst2 plugsins DIR is C:\Program Files\VstPlugIns so in there i just delete the “softube” folder which contains all the *.dll files

then i delete the whole of the AVID folder in “C:\Program Files\Common Files” as i dont need any AAX plugins
and just for info the default location for vts3 plugins is “C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3”

most other plugin vendors provide options during install for which versions you need, safest bet is to uncheck during install the ones you dont need

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Thanks krevvy,
Sure the best way is to uncheck during install rather than delete later …

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It would be good to have a manual blacklisting. A blacklisting that only is seen with cubase. For a DAW that still does not handle VST3 it is nice to keep them in the system.

In the Plugin Manager, you can select multiple plugins, then click on i button in the bottom left. Unticking the box at the bottom will hide the plugins. So that they remain available for other DAWs. They can be unhidden of course. If the plugin is already in your project, then it can’t be unticked.