How can I do this?

How can I transform the two tied semiquavers into one quaver in the figures of the pic? I tryed it, but… :unamused:
I made an example of one of them in Photoshop:


Select the tied semiquavers, press 4 (to turn it into a single semiquaver), press O (for Force Duration), press 5 (to turn it into a quaver).

If this happens a lot, check in Notation Options (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-N) > Note Grouping or Beam Grouping to check if there’s a per-flow default setting that works to produce this result (so you don’t have to use force duration in every instance) - the note grouping options relating to syncopated rhythms might just have something helpful (off the top of my head)

Depending on the current meter (time signature) you’ll get different results - for example, I get what you want by default in open meter.

Oh, that works! Thanks Lillie!