How Can I Edit the Audio of a Video???

First time dealing with video files…

Basic project where I have to clean up the sound of a video – I will not be chopping, slicing, or anything like that, just using plugins to reduce background noise, etc. I can import the AVI file, and clean up the audio with plugins, but how can I export the video and new audio together? From what I’m gathering, I can’t in Cubase. BUT, if I can export the audio track, how then could I re-marry it to the video?

Use Quicktime Pro. Simple and exact.

Does this help at all? …

Ask the director to insert a Universal Counting Leader in the beginning of the Video. That should make it easier for you to sync the audio with it.


Good read, but it boils down to the fact that one can not export a video from Cubase. I can replace the audio of a video file, but like that link states, it does not work. :frowning: It’s buggy.

Yeah, that’s why I don’t trust it. Sometimes the old way is still better.