How can I efficiently integrate third-party step-sequencing plugins in Cubase 13?

I’ve been evaluating Cubase 13 for my electronic music production, and I’m wondering what the most efficient way is to integrate third-party step sequencing plugins like SEQUND into a Cubase project.

Would there be any way to have one track with both the step sequencer and the VSTi(s) it is controlling, or do I have to set up two tracks and route the MIDI from one track (the step sequencer) into the other (with the VSTi)?

What third-party plugin would be the most straightforward “chainer” to enable chaining the sequencer and the VSTi in one track?

If you don’t need a Track for the sequencer plugin, perhaps loading it as a Rack Instrument would be an option.
I suppose it depends on how you prefer to change sequencer patterns if it makes sense or not.

PluginGuru Unify is my current first choice for that kind of chaining.