How can I enlarge an audio event

I have an audio event which I want to add delay in offline process (using the menu Audio-Plugin-Delay).
However the event length just ends in the exact end point of the audio data, i.e. no spare time for the delay, thus when I add the delay, it’s truncated, since the event is not long enough to contain the delay.

How can I enlarge the event with silence, so that it will be long enough to contain the offline delay data as well?


Hi Booli,

first of all, if you want to add a delay to an audio track, the “standard” way of doing it is via a send to an Effect track.
However, if you want to do it some other way for creative reasons, of course you can do it.
To enlarge an audio event with silence, you can use the “Range selection” tool, select the event plus the amount of silence you want to add, and then bounce the selection. You can also draw an empty event with the pencil tool, and glue the two events together, which will create an audio part, and then again bounce it. There are some other ways, but these are the two that pops to mind right now.

I hope this helps


You can click the ‘more’-button while applying the delay in offline mode and set a decay time up to 10 seconds. The event will get longer automatically.

Many thanks gentlemen.

You’re welcome!