How can I export my file to MP4?

Hi! I have created my first video via WaveLab Cast but can’t export as MP4. Would anyone be able to help? Thank. you very much in advance!


Have you checked this links…

hopefully this help or come back

regards S-EH

Note that WaveLab does not export video but audio.
However, it can replace audio in your video file.

Hi, thank you for your reply, can you tell us more on how to do the “replace audio in a MP4 file” inside wave lab please? I can’t find it so far.

You have to open the mp4 file inside WaveLab’s audio editor, then you replace what you want, then you have to save the file to mp4 again.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m sorry but I can’t get wave lab to do this, I open the MP4 in the audio editor, delete the audio, paste the new mastered audio instead, save the MP4 file (I tried cmd+S and Save as), choose the encoder type (AAC LC, CBR 320). I get a .mp4 file which doesn’t contain any video anymore. only audio…? I must do something wrong in the process…?

thank you.

You did not mention video. Then you have to create an audio montage, create a video track in it, put your video in it. This will create a synced audio track. Then do your edits.

Then in the render ribbon, use this option (if your version is not WaveLab Pro, the function is elsewhere).


oh sorry, I thought mp4 was video indeed…thank you…