How can i extend recorded lanes to One take?

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After recording a take with the lane recording, how can i extend it to One single midi part?

Asking bc there may be more than 56 lanes at a time

I think you have to re-phrase: I don’t understand what you mean.


I think, I do understand your request, but I’m afraid, it’s not possible to do this with MIDI automatically.

With Audio it’s easier. When you record in loop, and Takes are created, it’s one file, in the fact. So then you can just import it from Pool to the track. But this is not true for MIDI.

I’m also not clear about what’s wanted here.

If it’s a set of Midi Tracks, you can select them all and use Merge Midi In Loop, see the manual for exact details. Just make sure your parts are all of the same overall length for the most accurate results and you have a destination track ready.

See: Merge MIDI in Loop

This is good if you’ve dissolved a drum pattern or part and then want to put it all back together to reduce the number of MIDI tracks. The individual sounds can, of course, be sent to individual audio outputs and groups for your mix.

You can also learn to use the Comp Tool which will let you take parts of the lanes and assemble them into a final track.

Good luck.

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What i mean is after recording like 50 takes on a 4-8 Bar Loop, how can i make it into one continuous part

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I think i use “bounce midi” for this. Select all the parts and then use bounce midi, i have a kc set up for this.

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OK, you recorded MIDI in Stack mode and have eight bars x 50, or however many, takes.

As Dave mentioned above the MIDI > Bounce MIDI function should work for this.

“To create a new and continuous part of all selected takes that is placed on a single
lane, select all takes and select MIDI > Bounce MIDI.”
Pg. 177 of the PDF operations manual.

The assembly system in Cubase is powerful but takes some time to learn. I’m still working on it.

You may have to also drag and position things by hand. Good luck.

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But i tried the keycommand ( bounce midi ) and it does not combine the lanes

It will merge them, but does not do what it says in the manual

Could some of you check if this is working for you like it should?

You want 50 takes on 4 bars that are simultaneous, to become 200 bars that are sequential, correct?

  1. Make your loop recording
  2. Activate Show Lanes (maybe you did already)

Then, repeat these three commands until you are done:
Locate Selection End
Move to Cursor

Then: Clean up Lanes
Finally: unmute all the muted parts.

yeah, I’ve also secretly been wanting an elegant one button solution for this for quite some time now…lol

So macro it and hold the key down, does it work?

lemme check quick…

not a one-stop-shop… but… works=)

muuuch better than before (click drag…lol)

… thank you very much=)

wow this is neat, thank you

It took me a little time to locate the items on the list of Key Commands, but thankfully the search function in the key commands is excellent. This worked like a charm for doing what the OP asked to do. I saved it as a macro called “Lanes to Parts” or something like that. Very useful for me as well.

I was just looking for this again today…

yay for this thread;)

-went to key commands and saw that I had already macro’d this from back then… :stuck_out_tongue:

this forum can be an amazing resource of collected knowledge…

Cubase is so vast that this forum “library of alexandria”(which will not be burned down) really helps to remember…

Thank you all . for everything.


p.s. it is easier if you do your “how to” searches via google… just add cubase in your searchterm and it gives you better forum results than using the forum search :wink:

Frustrating to know that you’ve got the answer but…I can’t do it.
Not my language, maybe that is why.

So I made a macro with: transport: locate selection - navigate: down - edit:move to cursor
I select 90 lanes of 4 bars(i’m a very bad player)
launch the macro, and I get one midi block , meaning nothing

It’s been 5 years at least that I need this tricks - I thought it was not possible.
If someone can help me on this while I make 90 drag and drop…
Would be so much a relieved