How Can I fix delayed start/end from space bar?

Oye, :confused:
I’ve had this problem for some time and was wondering if this is now ‘NORMAL’ or I need to change a setting to get a better response.

I have a bunch of 24 bit/48kHz tracks of a live recording that’s 2 hrs long in total.
I hit the space bar and it waits and then plays.
after it’s going and I want to stop, I hit the space bar and it keeps playing for another couple seconds.

I know most of us don’t work with 2 hr audio tracks let alone 24 of them and when editing I end up with more as I separate applause in any track to a separate set of applause tracks as well as any talking during the concert.

I don’t wish to separate the songs into separate projects, as the inbetween is important to the video that the audio will go back to.

any suggestions or fixes to this, I don’t recall this happening in Cubase 5 or Cubase 6.

el profe

ps. I just installed CUbase 7.5 and there’s no difference, I tried the buffer down to 512 and up to 1k …no difference
I use a MOTU 2408 MrkIII all the lastest drivers and Mac OS X.8 (latest mountain lion) running at 32 bit or 64 bit, no diffence

Are you running some heavy plugins? (had the same problem when using Waves L3-16)

Just for a test, try to click the Restrict Latency (don’t remember the exact name) button on the toolbar. It should be near the left side, looks like a clock. This disables plugins with long latency.

If that helps, it means one of the long latency plugins are at fault. Otherwise I’m not sure.

You could also try disk preload in the preferences, mine’s set to the max. I have the same problem with a 2 hour project but I’m fairly sure it’s all caused by heavy plugins and running at 96KHz. [Can’t confirm this because I don’t have any short projects at 96 with lot’s of plugins right now.] Yep, clicking the delay compensation button On reduces it dramatically for me.


Thanks I tried the Constrain Delay Compensation on/off no difference.
I went to full disc pre-load (6 sec) no difference.
I had the buffer set to 1024 samples, no difference.

I tried turning off the 2 rev efx channels and the inserts on the stereo main out mix channel, no difference…

I tried focusing in on the sound of the track playing after I hit the space bar to stop it, it’s funny but the low end stops immediately and the mid and highs continue for a few seconds…weird - as if the channels are stopping one by one or sections of the mixer at a time instead of all or none…oh well…wish I had another solution.

anyone at Steinberg have a clue??? hello, testing 1, 2, 3 … is this mic on?

el profe

Yes, also notice that the starting and stopping of the tracks is staggered, which is really quite annoying! I wish that Steinberg could fix this because it really doesn’t sound appealing when that happens a lot in front of clients…

My last suggestion would be to copy the project and remove things bit by bit so see if one particular plugin is causing it. Or, remove 1/2 the stuff and then 1/2 again, etc. Or, build the project back up from scratch by drag/drop into a new project to see if it still happens. Not ideal but it might sort it or reveal the problem.

Or, could it be some midi chasing that’s happening???


Or, an issue with the hard drive perhaps, unable to retrieve data fast enough…? (just guessing really…).

Do you have access to another DAW on the same system, that you could try an A-B performance comparison…? Download a demo of Studio One…? Or Reaper…? Just thinking to try and eliminate any inherent system foibles…

Thanks Mike, don’t have time for experimenting right now, on a rush to get this done asap.

NO MIDI all audio


El Profe


Or, an issue with the hard drive perhaps, unable to retrieve data fast enough…? (just guessing really…).

NO interest in trying other DAWS…

all drives are either internal SATA or external FW 800…all fast been doing this for many years…first time I’ve had a software lag.
I’ve had Video do this on occasion where the hard drives are full to the max with less than 10% overhead,
or when a client brings their slow USB laptop external consumer drives… but then I just dump that on my fast drives and go to work.

I am not doing that with this, all pro internal drives plus an external FW 800 w/short run cables - all DiscWarrior maintained defragged directories, etc. Professional studio (see sign for equipment)…

Just made a 2 hr HD Video with Final Cut X no lag,no delay…many edits, menus, titles, etc., efx, color corrections, etc. no lag, no delay…

also, I have Cubase set to save every 5min…get the spinning color wheel every 5 minutes - takes 3 min to save every time…very annoying…

STEINBERG you need to find a streamlined save, autosave in the background, and no hesitation stop/start uneffected by all these new beautiful graphics in your User Interface!! PLEASE!! - thank you.

Turn thumbnails off on the video track? That’s another thing I did in my big project project.


No video track at the moment. I was thinking of bringing that in at the end after all the audio is tweaked as I fear that would be additional tasks for the cpu to have to deal with and prefer not to have that going until the end to check the sync and make sure I didn’t cut any audio out that is necessary for the complete project.
but now I’ll make sure to turn the thumbnails off when I do…thanks for the suggestion, though it’s not the problem at the moment.
I’m gonna go thru the plug-ins and check that, I do have a bunch to get the levels up.
I’m going thru each track and using normalize and clip gain to get the mix of each song better before I start the final stages of fader automation for song and project mixing. After I finish that I can get rid of a lot of plugins that are being used to raise levels overall in the group and stereo out channels of the mixer.

  • that is my last area of suspect… to eliminate.
    It would be an interesting feature to have where you could turn all the graphics off and just hit the space bar to play the audio so the program didn’t have to process any graphics for playing back. That would be great for bouncing the final stereo output.
    A ’ graphic off ’ key macro for making the screen go to a logo or designated desktop like picture .
    Like a hide button so to say.