How can I force install Dorico Pro 3 on OSX 10.10? Why is it not compatible?

I just bought the upgrade from Dorico Pro 2 (which is installed on my Yosemite iMac) to Dorico Pro 3, and to my suprise, I cannot upgrade the software because Dorico is no longer compatible with my OS. Updating OSX right now is not an option, since i am currently working on a project with docens of VSTs and dedicated software and, as many of you know, upgrading is -to put it softfly- a major pain in the ass. Neither can I risk the integrity of the project. Isn’t there a way I can force install Dorico Pro 3 on OSX 10.10?

And to be honest it angers me that the developers ditched OSX 10.10 compatibility out of the blue. I hope there is some under-the-hood core features that necessitate OSX 10.12 and that are essential to the inner workings of DP3, because otherwise I don’t see how not supporting older software is justified. Even the lastest version of Ableton Live 10 works flawleslly on OSX 10.10, because they know music producers/composers strugle with OS-VST compatibilty and updating is a major issue that takes a lot of planning.


We announced that the next version of Dorico would require at least macOS 10.12 back in May 2019: the post is no longer pinned to the top of the forum, but it was pinned there from May 2019 until the release of Dorico 3 in September 2019. You can see that post here.

The system requirements for Dorico 3 are also clearly stated on the download page and on the page where you buy Dorico 3 from our online shop.

The reason Dorico 3 requires macOS 10.12 or later is because the underlying Qt framework on which it depends raised its minimum operating system version to macOS 10.12 with the release of Qt 5.12, which was the version that we built Dorico 3.0 on.

There is no way to install or run Dorico 3 on Mac OS X 10.10, I’m afraid.

Thanks for your response Daniel. As always, you are polite and to the point.

If that was the case, I cannot say I had not been warned; though an email of some sorts (correct me if it was indeed sent) would have been more convinient for current users that do not come to this forum regularly. I’m less annoyed now that I know there were logistic reasons behind that decission.

I suppose I will upgrade when this project is over, my license will be collecting dust untill then.


If you have older software that has not been updated for the current OS, I hope you are also expressing your anger towards those developers.

Upgrading in large jumps between much older software and the latest OS can be frustrating, because it will require more of your apps and VSTs to be checked and updated for compatibility. Keeping up-to-date with smaller increments is often painless.

There is always a balance between needing to run new software on new hardware and needing older software on older hardware. Your options are booting to separate OS versions; running a Virtual Machine, or keeping separate hardware for different generations of software.

We don’t typically send compatibility information by email, though perhaps we should. We post the information in our support pages, and on the forum, and as a news item on the main Steinberg home page, and we always publish the current minimum system requirements in as many places as we think people might look. I’m sorry you’ve been caught out and hope you’ll be able to take advantage of the new features of Dorico 3 soon.

Dorico 3 would not overwrite Dorico 2 IIRC, so if you did not delete the older version of Dorico, you should be able to finish your project using the older software.