How can I force systems into a page?

I have 4 systems on page 1 and 1 system on page 2 of a piano piece. There are no inserted frame/system breaks in the piece, but I cannot find a way to get all these systems on a single page. How would I do this?

Hi Andre.

Select the first and last notes of your work and use Make into frame in engrave mode.
Maybe you will have to adjust margins or staff space in Layout option (Cmd-shift-L)

Thanks, Marc, it worked. I tried this a couple of time before, but it didn’t work. I wonder why.

I tried this and it worked… but now I have the end of the last measure stuck by itself on the second page and cannot seem to move it with the rest of the measure on the previous page. My goal is to condense this hymn to a single four-system page. Please advise.As Now We Take the Sacrament.dorico (440.3 KB)

As Now We Take the Sacrament.dorico (385.5 KB)

Thank you! I think my mistake was having an "invisible " rest in that last measure that couldn’t be selected.

I am unable to select anything in Engrave mode. I would like to make 4 systems into 1 frame instead of 2. I can only select in Write. I have read all the threads and ctrl+click and alt+click do nothing for me.
What am I doing wrong?

Do you definitely have the graphical editing tool selected? That’s the icon at the top of the left panel, within Engrave mode.

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And that, pianoleo, is what I was doing wrong.
Thank you very much.