How can I gain access to Dorico's Remote API?

Hello all,

apologies for my newbie question, but it seems I’m unable to find a straightforward answer on the forum. Is it possible to get to Dorico’s Remote API? Is it even accesible for an average user?
Many thanks in advance for any hints on that.

Welcome to the forum, Alex. Drop me an email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll provide you with the relevant material. If you’ve already got some software development experience, you shouldn’t find it too hard to get up and running.

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That’s superb, thank you so much, Daniel!

I know this is an old post, but if you’re willing to provide a list of available api/remote control commands, I’m hoping to add a button or two to NYC Music Services’ superb Notation Express plugin… I’ll email you this as well, and thanks in advance!