How can I get a refund?

I’ve sent the withdrawal email to to cancel my order and get the refund. But nobody replies to me and it’s been three days since I sent the email. So how can I get the refund in the end?

Probably asking the obvious but you purchased online right?

Would you be happy and/or comfortable to share why you’re not happy using Dorico?

I asked for a refund because nobody replied to my email about an activation problem. Now I’ve solved it by myself and the withdrawal should be canceled😂

Did you ask for help here on this forum; it’s one of the most responsive and most often updated groups for software of its kind.

I suspect that very few people come here for help and go away unhappy :slight_smile: .


And asknet is a third party- not Steinberg. So you can’t quite blame Steinberg if asknet was poor to respond.


Welcome to the forum, @Elathan. I have contacted my colleague Anja in support to ask her to cancel your refund request if possible.

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Well I’ve just known that🥲

At first I didn’t notice this forum😂but now I see this is definitely a responsive and also powerful platform😊


Hi I would like to get a refund. I have been trying to contact Dorico for a week since I purchased Dorico 5. But nobody has replied. Could you help?
Ideally I just wanted to change the version I bought as it says I bought the wrong one for my upgrade - but either way I just really want to get the right one - I have a commission to work on!
Could you help?

Welcome to the forum, @Amara-E. Yes, I can help you. I’ll send you a direct message and we can figure out how to proceed.