How can I get Cubase 13 to look like cubase 12?

In 12 I can move the tracks window anywahere, while leaving the Cubase menu separate,if you look at the picture, the Cubase menu is on the right, while the project window is on the left, as a separate, movable window.



This is not possible in Cubase 13.

Really ! Aw man, that totally messes things up.
Do you know if they are going to bring it back in 14 (or a 13 update)?
Guess I’m gonna stick with 12. Urgh !!!
Thanks for you quick reply too, saved me a lot of fiddling about !

As I understand it, the menu bar will be attached to the Project Window from now on. In all other windows, it can be hidden.

The menu bar is now part of project window (full menu) and most other windows (Mixconsole, MIDI and audio editors, MediaBay, etc. - but reduced according to the context).

It can be shown/hidden in all windows except the Hub, but it is no longer a separate… errr, entity.


Why would they change it ?
Makes no sense.

Because it is the standard behaviour of every existing reasonable Windows-Application. There is no such thing as a “menu bar only”…

The reason for this standard behaviour is simple: The menu bar only makes sense in a context. Imagine there would be more than one instance of an application open at the same time, or even only more than one application with “free menu bars”. The discarded behaviour was nonsensical - many complaints. Reasonable ones.
Hope that helps


Though the old behavior made no sense to some, in my 3-Monitor-Setup it made total sense and I liked it.

Made a lot of sense to me, you could work on 2 projects, keeping both project windows open, and activate one then compare to the other project, and vice-versa. Haven’t tried on 13 yet, but it would seem we couldn’t do that now.

To expand a little on what Eilen posted, the new windows handling was implemented to:

  • Use a standard handling on Windows
  • Address user complaints
  • Resolve issues related to the unusual handling
  • Add stability (as a consequence of the previous point)

Of course it’s still possible to open two projects and compare them, the only difference being that both project windows will have a menu (which can be hidden).

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I have a 49" one.
Monitor, that is.
In C12, the menu is at the extreme top left of the screen. If I am working in a window on the right I have to move the mouse a literal yard, or even more, to access the menu. C13, much as I dislike it, puts the menu much closer to where you’re working.
The C12 way is pants.

Actual screen res is 5120 x 1440. Forum upload has shrunk the pix.

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Just a comment rather than a solution - I’ve used Cubase for best part of 30 years (back to the Atari days!) and for the first time ever I’ve given up on a new version and gone back to the previous (13 back to 12). Mainly because of audio drop-out problems but a few other niggly things also… sometimes you just think…“why on earth…how’s that an improvement…?” I’m sure lots would disagree and I don’t want to get involved in pointless arguments but sometimes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” goes a long way.