How can i get my Music Copyrighted?

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What is the best way of getting my Music Copyrighted?

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Simply add this and your name somewhere:


If you want to be very safe, burn a cd with your music, go to the post office and send it home to yourself via registered mail… Do not open the envelope and store it somewhere safe…-or make the biggest hit ever, then everybody will know it and be like… Hey, isnt that xxx’s song? :stuck_out_tongue: - depends on the style n audience i guess:p

May depend on where you live. In many countries, however, copyright is automatic. When you create a piece of art, you’ll have a copyright for it.

Proving it may be problematic, though, in which case ggc’s method is one of the simplest ones. Variations of this method of course exist. Some include services of a lawyer, a notary and even usage of safe deposit box.

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Depends on where you live.

If you live in the US, your work is automatically copyrighted as soon as you create it, whether you have the little c in the circle on it or not. HOWEVER, if you ever want to DEFEND your copyright, you need the little symbol on it, along with whom the copyright belongs to. (You.) The BEST protection is to register the copyright with the US Copyright office at the Library of Congress. You fill out a form, send it with a copy of the work, pay a fee, and voila your copyright is registered.

If you live outside the US, contact the Copyright authority for the EU, the UK, or whatever other political entity you live in. :smiley:

and the year.