How can I get my Spectralayers Pro 8 upgrade serial number?

Hi guys,
On the 18/06/2021 I purchased the Samplitude Pro X6 Suite, which comes with an upgrade to Spectralayers Pro 8, which was released on the 22/06/2021.
I was told on the Magix forum that “You get your new code from Steinberg”.
I haven’t had any luck so far with my ticket with the Steinberg online shop support, and haven’t managed to a way to directly contact support. This could also well be user error on my behalf,and I’ll confess that I find the eLicenser Control Center procedure a little confusing.
I’d really like to get this sorted today, does anybody know who I need to contact to get my upgrade codes ?
Thanks for your help, Cheers Al.

First of all do you have a "my Steinberg " account and Dongle ?

Hi FilterFreq,and thanks for your help. Yes I’ve got all that ,(you don’t have to have a dongle for Spectralayers but I have one).
I finally got an email from Magix saying I should receive the code in a couple of days, so hopefully all is good.
Thanks again for taking the time to post,
Cheers Al.

2 weeks now since SL pro 8 was released and Steinberg still haven’t apparently given Magix the update codes, and support haven’t done a thing either. I can’t say I’m impressed. Just how long am I expected to wait for software I’ve paid for.

Hi @al808 I’ve checked internally, and the activation codes were sent to Magix last wednesday (June 30th).

Hi Robin,
Thanks very much for posting and for and for checking with your colleagues. In light of what you posted I owe you guys an apology for the tone of my last post, which I wouldn’t have made if Magix weren’t telling me that were waiting for Steinberg to send them the activation codes :flushed:
Thanks again, cheers Al.


Anyone here received the Upgrade serial number from Magix yet?
They told me they are emailing them this week.