How can I get rid of this ugly thing?

Hello community, does anybody have a suggestion on how to erase this glissando text without affecting the text on the previous bar?
I need the text because it’s very specific, but I don’t need it yet again on the next system, it should be just a line. I’ve tried contracting it, changing the values in Engrave settings and simply disabling the text for this line, but then it disables it on the previous bar too.

This is the previous bar:

Any help as always is deeply appreciated!

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Try this:
(It assumes that what you have called “glissando text” is actually text on a glissando line, rather than any other sort of text on some other sort of line)

In Engrave mode, select the part of the gliss. line which is at the start of the next system. Open the Properties panel. Under Glissando Lines > Glissando text shown, there is an option Show if sufficient space. Once that is enabled, drag one of the edit handles on that part of the line. When it gets below a certain length, the text on that part of the gliss. line should disappear. I don’t know if there is a setting anywhere which determines what constitutes “sufficient space”.

If it is actually text on a normal line, you might be able to draw the gliss. marking to end just before the barline and then draw another separate line, without text, at the start of the next bar.

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Ah! I see what the problem is… I can’t use the default gliss line because I need the custom text: “harm. gliss.”. So I’m using a line instead which allows me to do this, but it doesn’t have those options.

Any other suggestions?

OK I did find a curious solution which I will post here:

Basically change the text placement to Start instead of the default centred and then centre it with the Start/end cap. This deletes the text on the next bar.

Strange solution but it works!