How can i get the Studio EQ plug in for CB8?

Hello Cubasers ,
I lost my hard drive , it was tragic, but i am over it …
I got the e Licence USB , and activated my retail # got my licence #, the made sure to select , save to eLicencer, NOT, save to Hard Drive on this computer .
I reloaded Cubase 8 from disk (remember those)
Unfortunately the STUDIO EQ , which I use as a Pre amp on Bass guitar , is not there .
It was probably added on the update for the box version of 8 , but I lost that , and reverted to the disk, w/o the update
My Question is
Can I get the Plug In “Studio EQ” , and load it into 8
I have 9.5 , it has Studio EQ . but i am more used to the workflow on 8, and like using it

Please just take some time to learn how to use Cubase 9.5. There are no workflow advantages to using Cubase 8, in fact it’s slower in many places, specially when working with MIDI and drums since it’s missing the note drawing, moving and cursor repositioning improvements. You can hide the lower zone or disable opening editors there by default on double click.

If you were having an issue with a feature in Cubase 9.5, there will be an update coming in a few days that will probably fix it.

All updates for all versions of Cubase can be found in the Downloads section of Steinberg’s Support page.

Which version of Cubase are you using? There is no Cubase 8.

It’s Cubase Elements 8. It originally shipped without the StudioEQ.

Hi, Thanks for the response ,
Cubase Elements 8, Is there some way to update it ? Can I BUY the update ?
Can I go into VST Files on my fully licenced Elements 9.5 , get the plug in and put it in CB e 8

I bought Cubase Elements 8 , got the up date LICENCE and Licenced it to my former Hard drive .
I LOST that drive
I should have used an Licencer , like I do now … but you know? I was young and stupid

Thanks for the response Romantique, I have found the work flow to be slower for me , because the Transport Panel, has no “Project Time position Slider”
If it does , i would really like to know how to activate it

I use the slider to get to different parts of the song when Editing , or punching somebody in . I can’t live with out it
I use Cubase for recording Audio instruments , I don’t use Midi , I record ,Mix and Master, with Cubase.

I use Studio eq after recording Bass guitar at a lower volume . That way i get no drastic spiking in the dynamic range.
Then i add about 12db with STUDIO EQ . I use studio EQ as a Preamp , it is clean and warm and does not distort

Using the position slider isn’t efficient. If you take a look at pros using Cubase on YouTube, you’ll notice that basically nobody was using it. Most DAWs (including all of the other DAWs commonly used for audio recording) don’t have it at all!

Most of us use markers to jump to specific parts of the project quickly, but there are dozens of different ways to do this, like using the Shift+P and Shift+F shortcuts, or pressing Alt+O to show the project overview and pressing it again to hide it (which is similar to using the slider, but more precise and versatile since you can control the zoom level you want to use).

I recommend experimenting with alternative workflows, because it’s definitely not worth it to stick with Cubase 8 just because of this one little thing. There are better ways to do what you want.

And like I said, you can download the updates for any version of Cubase from Steinberg’s site:

Again, I strongly recommend to try to learn how to use Cubase 9.5 instead of going back to 8. You’ll be missing out on a lot of improvements and bug fixes for no real reason.

Thanks for the link !
I downloaded Cubase Elements 8.04 update , and now have Studio EQ
I see some awesome Tips tutorials out there for 9.5 , and will work with them soon
Thanks for responding