How can i give credit to multiple answers

i don’t really know how important it is for someone to have their responses as a ‘solution’… i have been asking for help a lot this week. i get several responses and sometimes several suggestions are equally awesome.
but i can’t tick off ‘solution’ for more than one response.
i do hit the like. but maybe we should be able to flag multiple solutions.
as it stands , i feel bad for those who don’t get the primary credit. many here take time to explain their recommendations and i as a 70-year-old-daddy-music composer (so my daughter sometimes calls it [with the exception of my current funk song] appreciate all the help from people who are patient and knowledgeable and eager to share.


You can simply say “thank you”.

Marking a post as a solution is not primarily to give credit – it’s to let forum members and visitors know that there is a solution to the problem presented in original post.

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We also accept cash :smiling_imp:

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