How can i have my controller(8 faders) follow selected track.

Hi, i have a LIVID BASE controller which has 8 touch faders + 1 Master touch faders. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have my touch faders(8) follow whatever track i have selected. e.g. I’d like to be able to select let’s say track # 5 and control the fader with my touch fader #1 and have all of my 7 following touch faders control track 6, 7, 8, 9 etc… in Cubase. And then i could move to track 17 and have my 1st touch fader control that track and all the following faders etc. Is that possible? Cause i don’t see how i can do that in GR. Seems GR only allows fixed banks of 8 or 16 faders and then you have to select the next bank to control more faders but that wouldn’t be really convenient for me. Does that need to be programmed in the hardware? I don’t know much about all this. Thanks.

I want that too. But I don’t think we have it.

you can map to “selected”… but the other 7 wouldn’t line up after it.

If we ever saw an update of the GR…which NEEDS updating… it would be cool to se “Selected, Selected+1, selected+2…etc”… although- you would have to somehow disable the “select track when I touch a fader” function- or the universe would explode.

I try and set up my 1st 8 tracks intelligently to work with my board. Almost always it is 8 group channels… followed by 8 drum tracks on ch 9-16, and then I pipe in various audio channels to the groups.
So then I always have master mixing control via 8 groups on the first bank, and my typical 8 channels of drums on the next 8… and everything else after that, sending back to the groups.

If i were you I would create some consistent workflow that fits what you do… with reasonably adaptable, but fixed routes in the first 8 or 16ch. Waiting for an update to the GR would be foolish.

But would it be reasonable to make such demand in the feature requests and suggestions forum? I’m thinking a lot of people would love to see that implemented. Please raise your hands of that’s the case guys.

Thanks for your input btw.

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Reasonable? Absolutely. My Hand goes UP.

But for reals- you are dreaming.
The GR especially seems abandoned af. Save your sanity- work around it.

I had a quick look at the LIVID documentation. They provide a lot of setup info for Abelton, but it seems it would be possible to get more functionality from this project in Cubase with the Generic Remote.


Enter a note or CC number that you want the button to send. Valid note numbers range from 0-127, and valid CC numbers range from 0-120. If you want to display the values as note numbers, go to the top More… menu and select Display as Notes.

This determines if the number you entered in note/CC will be a note or a CC message

Again, I don’t know this device, but if can switch banks, then you could have banks of eight faders to work with and Banks in your GR.

If, in a mix, you want to work with a particular group of channels that are not contiguous, you can go into the GR Editor and assign them for that part of the project.

Good luck.

One way of getting this to work would be to emulate the the MCU protocol with your device, and use the Mackie Control remote in Cubase.

Here’s map of what it outputs:

Channels that are not contiguous is not really an issue for me but it’s an interesting idea. What I’ll probably do is prog. banks of 8 ch. in GR for all my audio tracks and assign 2 button to move up and down those banks. Now what would really be helpful is if i could select a track in Cubase from my LIVID controller. Let’s say i move up my banks of 8 tracks to what i want to control and hit the touch button above my 1st fader to select the track in Cubase so i can visualize where I’m at inside Cubase. Is there such a function in generic remote? I’ve looked but couldn’t find anything. Otherwise I’m gonna have to always refer to my GR window to figure out what I’m controlling and i think that’s gonna kill the workflow and I’m gonna end up using my LIVI faders only for groups like percs, Strings, WW etc… Which is good but I’d like to do more. Always wondered if motorized faders would be that useful in a small home studio. I guess I’ll find out. luckily i didn’t pay much for this controller and it can many other things so i know I’ll get a usage for it anyway.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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I thought that might be possible but forgot to ask. :slight_smile: I’ll look into it.


What I’d suggest is investigating the forums on the LIVID site if any exist, or see if there are other articles flying around on Sound on Sound or other sites, youtube videos.

You may find a good Cubase workflow system, but 'm not sure about how all this will actually work. Likely you’ll find that you can get some good functionality from this set-up in Cubase using the Generic Remote.

Don’t be afriad to experiment with it and be patient. A good first step in building a GR is to delete everything in the default GR and start one button at a time. Get MIDI OX and make sure you can see your notes and controllers, etc.

The Learn Function is good, but a bit tricky. Remember to “Apply” changes as you go. Save Versions, Import, Apply and then refine. Repeat and keep track of which version of the GR is actually working. GR made my head spin learning it and I still can’t say I’m an expert, but I’ve gotten my own system – with the Akai Advance 49 as primary controler – to do some good things with it. Your device seems to have a very good implementation of features. Some seem more abelton oriented, but there’s also a lot of flexibility.

For example, you could perhaps have a bank of buttons to do various editing, navigation or transport control functions, perhaps. Similar to how some are using i-pads to control Cubase with that App I can’t remember the name of. Give it time and prepare to be confused at times. :slight_smile:

P.S. In my signature there’s a link to some posts by the true GR Gurus around here.

Are there any updates regarding this issue?
I wish to have the similar functionality with my Presonus Fadeport8