How can I hear the music during metronome precount?

If I set the metronome to a 1 bar count in and hit record I hear the click but I can’t hear the 1 bar of music before the punch in. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t seem to find a setting to enable this. In Samplitude its called “Play VIP during precount” or in Cubase speak it would be something like “Play project during precount” Thanks

Why not just record a bar early?

Then it would not be a PRE count…

You can use punch in for this. Set the punch in where you want to record and start cubase where you want to (1 or 2 or whatever bars you need to get into the groove :wink:

Yes I can do all these things suggested however. Say you want to do a punch in and there’s 2 bars of music before the punch which is for example just a floating pad sound. Sometimes it’s nice to have a metronome playing to orientate the player so they can get a feel of the tempo before the punch in happens.Currently the metronome precount mutes the proceeding music. I presume it’s possible to render a metronome track to audio? For those scenarios maybe that would be the solution? Or I guess you could just have a simple Groove Agent track which would act as a live metronome which could be unmuted when needed.

If you only want the metronome sound for the count-in period then, yes, one way or another you’ll need to create your own. If you don’t mind the metronome carrying on then you can just switch it to be on play as well as record.

What you need to use is pre-roll, not precount

I tried that but it still doesn’t let me monitor playback during the metronome Precount.

OK I worked out how to do it. You need to set a pre-roll time but you also need to have click during playback activated. Then it works. Thanks

Hi - I read through some of this string trying to find out if it’s possible to set a precount 2 bar click which turns off once the
first bar starts recording. From what I’m reading it doesn’t seem possible. I’m I correct? If so, that seems like a crazy thing to
have overlooked. Running Cubase 10. Help!


Yes, this is the answer.

Un-tick Click While Recording and Click While Playing, and tick Click during Count In.

I think that will give you what you want.