How can I hide the opening barline join?

I am close to setting up a manuscript template to how I like. The only problem is that the barline join connects each instrument’s staves. Ideally I would like individual barline joins for each grand staff. Next best is to have no barline joins at all. I haven’t found a way to disconnect the grand staves from each other, or to hide / delete the opening barline join.
staff (513 KB)

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 12.22.23.png

I don’t believe there’s a good way around this - you’ve built it as a single system. Why not build it as one instrument, with six systems?

There probably shouldn’t be a way round this! The only purpose of the initial bar line is to join all the instruments in the system and show that they are a system, so there is no logical need to break it. In general the bar lines for different instruments in the music don’t have to line up at all, so there is nothing else in the notation that has exactly the same purpose.

Okay! That makes sense. I used one instrument with multiple systems and got exactly what I wanted. Thank you both for the help.