How can I hide time signatures independently in a large score?

Hi! I am posing this because as far as I can tell, this topic hasn’t been approached since Dorico 2 and I’m hoping a solution …

Is there a way to hide time signatures from certain staves independently?

I know how to do this globally, but I am trying to recreate the common wind ensemble time signature layout that I have attached. My work around I was going to try was hiding the time signatures from all staves except the ones I want and then changing the size of the time signature font in engraving options.

The first screenshot is what I am working with and the second is what I am trying to achieve.


  1. Hide the Global Time Sig
  2. Put a Local Time Sig (with Alt/Opt key pressed) at the places where you want to show a Time Sig
  3. Scale to desired size

This doesn’t work with a pickup measure.

Your best option is probably to show large time signatures, one per bracket, and pick an appropriate time signature design (ie one of the narrow styles, as very big standard time signatures look massive!)

I’d recommend treating instruments between brass and strings as a single bracket (so your timpani doesn’t end up with one small time signature). That option is in Engraving Options > Time Signatures > Time Signatures Centered on Brackets.

However, you can’t control the number of time signatures shown this way.

If the resulting number/distribution of time signatures is not to your liking, you can do what Craig suggested and hide the global time signatures, input equivalent local time signatures on the staves where you want a large time signature centered, and scale it up using the property (something like 600% looks reasonable).

You would need to repeat this for every time signature change.

(That method does indeed work with pick-up measures, provided the local time signatures you input also include the same pick-up.)