How can I increase volume in an exported audio mixdown file?

I want the exported file to be louder, how can it be done?

put it back into cubase as a stereo file and make it louder…

Little more details here:

  1. Import your file into a new Cubase project.
  2. Normalize to -1 db.
  3. If it’s loud enough now, export to a new file and you’re done.
  4. If not, your audio has a very dynamic range (lots of very quiet parts and lots of very loud peaks) and needs to be compressed/limited.
  5. Play around with the built-in Limiter or Maximizer plugins or use the ones the channel strip provides. Or use 3rd party plugs.
  6. If you reach a desired result, export to a new file.

Hint: always produce in at least 24Bit, you have more headroom here.