How can i install apps where i want and not just to C:/

The download manager seems to just default to installing everything now to the C drive on win 10.
Theres no default install setting for any file paths in the prefs of the download manager apart from the download folder.
I have a small nvme for my os drive c and a large nvme for my apps and libraries.
I just installed cubase 13 and got no popup windows to allow me to set the destination folders i used on my computer, why not?
Instead i get all cubase files puked all over my c drive instead.
not happy at all, how do i get cubase and all the assorted libraries installed where they should be and not where some cubase dev thinks they should be.


Cubase itself has to be installed on the system C drive. But all the libraries (which are really large files, not Cubase itself) can be moved to any other location. To do so, use the Steinberg Library Manager, please.

In the Steinberg Download Assistant > Settings, you can also choose the Download folder (which is not the installation folder). So all the files will be downloaded to other drive, if you want to.

Cubase does not have to be installed on the C drive. I’ve always had it on a seperate internal drive and cubase 13 has also, now, installed itself on my D drive. After i uninstalled the first erroneous install, i was then able to use the downloaded zip file to do a manual install to get it where i wanted it.
It would make life much easier if you could just download all the various files from steinberg and then either do an automatic install if you dont mind where cubase and all the other apps go or do a manual install if needed.
However the downloader insists on just installing everything automatically which is a real pain.


The specification says the application should be installed on the system C drive. If this is not the case, you might have an issue with updates (some as other users already had). The source application has not been found, therefore the update was not possible.

If people are having an issue with updates because the steinberg devs are hardwiring file paths then thats dumb, windows has many ways of avoiding that problem.

The Download Assistant does download the installers - the default location is your “Download” folder. There’s also the option in the assistant to only download the files. Then you can install where you want using the regular install program.

We’ve installed Cubase, Nuendo and Wavelab on non-C drives here for years. Once the installation path is established on Windows, the Download Assistant knows where to apply subsequent updates.
This has never failed for us.

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I see two problems:

  1. the downloaded installation files are large
  2. the libraries are large

Solution 1: use an external USB drive, and in the settings of Steinberg Download Assistant, change the default download destination to a folder on that external USB drive. Any files already downloaded to C: can be moved manually to the external USB drive. The drive can be disconnected once installation is complete.

Solution 2: use the Steinberg Library Manager to point to a location other than the C: drive as described above. Any libraries already installed on C: can be moved using the Steinberg Library Manager.

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