How can I install cubase12 to a non system disk?

Just updated Cubase to 12 and the operating system to windows11. How can I install cubase12 to a non system disk?

Why do you want to? It’s just asking for problems.

The main reason is that the space of the system disk is small.

You can install most of the really space gobbling sample content on a non-system disk via the Steinberg Library Manager.

But installing Windows software on something else than the C drive may end up being more of an adventure.

I’ve always preferred to spend some money on a larger system disk, also because I’m pessimistic about software makers doing a lot of Windows testing in a configuration running apps and plugins on something else than the C drive. – And while it “should” be possible to make it work, reality has scarred me often enough, that I’m more likely to follow the path of lesser resistance, when I don’t have extra time, patience and knowledge. :slight_smile:

If however you have more time and patience than me, you may want to experiment with this:

okay, thank you. I’ll try. There’s something wrong with my presentation. I want to install some timbres that take up a lot of space to the non system disk.

Is what you should look into.

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