How can I know if I am missing a Groove Agent SE or Halion SE library I am entitled to?

Hello everyone,

I am very new to the Steinberg world and recently made a huge mistake of not checking eligibility for an upgrade since it showed up in the Download Assistant. I have a licensed copy of Cubase 10 and downloaded and installed 10.5 when it started giving the license error of course. One thing lead to another and after reading everything online, I decided to reinstall Cubase from scratch to avoid any confusion.

I uninstalled Cubase and all its libraries, and when I tried to launch the main Setup.exe to re-install, it kept crashing. So I Installed ‘everything’ with the individual installers, when the Library not found error started. Between Ignore, Locate and Remove I clicked remove as everyone on this forum suggested.

Now the errors don’t pop up but I have a feeling I am still missing some content. The content mount library used to show 54 libraries loading but now only shows 48. (see pic below)

How can I know what went missing. How can I knowif there are any libraries I am entitled to but are not installed?

Really had a rough day today making the mistake of installing 10.5. Can anyone help or guide me on this?

Thank you!


The only save (and possible) way to get all content, is to install from the Full Installer.