How can I know I'm able for buy the "upgrading price" on Cubase13?

I’m LE AI element 11 which got from purchasing some recording product. and been registered and eLicenser activated.

But thing is, when I checked through this place…
account.steinberg > products > licensings

it won’t show my LE AI element11 product.
wondering if I can purchase Cubase13 at upgrading price or need to buy as new customer…


Click on the big red button to buy Cubase from the Cubase product page. It allows you to select exactly what you’re purchasing, which in your case is an upgrade. It will show you the price there.

Thank you for your reply Dunk79
I’ve try it out. but it seems like I can click both as new customer price and upgrade one.

what I concern is if I buy the upgrade price, I won’t able to open it and need to buy another one with additional new customer price…
('cause the systems seem like don’t recognized that I have the cubase LE element11, as it doesn’t show in my products>licensing page)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

First of all, you have to find out, which edition exactly do you own? Is it LE, AI or Elements? Open eLicenser Control Center application. Here you can find the exact license.

If you own LE or AI, you are allowed to get the same edition of Cubase 13 for free. In this case, get in contact with your local Steinberg support.

If you own Cubase Elements, select exactly this version from the list while update.

No worries, even if you would choose a wrong source version, the system doesn’t allow you to update the licence. Then you can ask for refund.

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Hi Martin,

from eLicenser shown it’s LE.
That’s great to hear that I could try Cubase LE 13 for free.
Let me check for the update with local guy here.


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@Martin.Jirsak , I’ve been checking with my local support guys, it’s only Cubase AI that’s only able to got free upgrade to AI 13 But LE cannot upgrade to any version, they said…

not sure it’s normal?


I’m 100% sure, this applies for both Cubase AI and LE.

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As seen in the screenshot above, you could actually just proceed with the upgrade to e.g. Cubase Elements 13. The price is the same, no matter whether it is your Cubase LE 11 or the latest Cubase LE 13. There is no need to make the detour via Cubase LE 13 in this case.