How can I KNOW project folder setting when path is greater than 64 characters

How can I determine what is set as the project folder (Cubase 10.5 Windows 10) when the path of the project folder is greater than 63 characters because the path is truncated by the field shown in the pool popup window
Is there a way to figure out how to verify the project folder location when the path is truncated by the field shown in the pool popup?

You should be able to grab the right edge of the header for the Path Column and drag it right to increase what’s visible in the Pool Window. You may have to make other columns more narrow to make room in the Window.

Ok - well that would work IF there were only ONE location - not the problem. I am talking about when there are more than one location for the WAVs in the pool. I am talking about what the program has set as the project folder. I am interested in what the program will do when there are more than one folder that have WAVs & I do a Prepare Archive. But I am more and more coming to realize that Cubase just is not able to handle different locations for the .wav files even though it will help users to find themselves with more than one location as Cubase has facilitated it. Just have to do a Prepare Archive and see what the program will do- Surprise!

OOPS! I do wish to THANK YOU! For your reply! truly Thanks!

If your audio for a Project is located in several different locations it’s best to clean that up so all the audio files are in Project’s Audio Folder. The easiest way to do that is to use File/Backup Project which will create a copy of the current Project in a new location with all its audio in the proper folder. Check the option to Remove Unused Files so you don’t copy any stuff not used by the Project.

Thank you - that is what I have done now. thanks for good advice.