How can I know what keys I'm hitting in cubasis?

sorry if this is the wrong section but I can’t find anything online and wasn’t sure where to post.

It might be a really dumb question but I don’t know what keys I’m hitting on any of the instruments in cubasis for the iPad and can’t find the answers. If anyone can help I’d be grateful


Sorry to bump it but has no one got the answer for this? How does everyone know what notes they’re playing with VST?

I don’t have an iPad, but I would assume that in the key midi editor, the piano roll to the left should indicate when a note(s) are depressed, by greying out.

In Cubase we also have a mini on-screen keyboard we can load up.

See if you have any iterations of those on the app, I believe it should.

Hi thank you for replying but the problem is not that I don’t know what keys I’m hitting but that I don’t know what notes I’m hitting. As in is it a C, c# or Em for example

mpayne0 gave you probably the best answer you can expect here. Do you not have this facility in Cubasis?
Otherwise you might want to post in the Cubasis Forum :