How can I make an acoustic guitar VST sustain its notes in Cubase 12?

Hello, I created a project in Dorico and used the pedal function to sustain notes on the Steinberg TGuitar VST that I have. It works just fine in Dorico but when I export of the project as music XLM and import it into cubase 12, I cannot get the guitar to sustain like I did it Dorico. Does anyone know how I can make the guitar sustain like a piano VST?




Could you try to export-import MIDI file instead of music XML, please?

OK, I will try that. I will let you know if there’s any difference. Thank you for the suggestion.

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It worked! You are a genius… Thank you so much!

I do have one more question. Even though exporting the Dorico file as midi worked, I could not select the instruments separately. I had to export and import as an entire project. Is there a way to export from Dorico as separate instruments? Maybe I should post this on the Dorico forum?

I think Lillie has you covered:

In Dorico 4, this behaviour has changed and I believe it’s now whichever layout is active (ie in view in the music area) whose content is used for exporting audio and MIDI.

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What is your use case, please? Why do you want to export then track by track, please?