How can I make different voices look like hold to the same chord

How can I write this in Dorico

I spent for each note a new voice, what allows me to have notes with different length at the same moment, but which has the downside, that they does not look like hold to the same chord:

Any Idea how I can either have notes in different hold to the same Chord or the simultaneous notes of the different voices appeare more like a chord, than it currently does?

Btw: If anyone can remind me if there is any easy way to make unneccessary rests of different voices invisible. I am simply to stupid to come along with the end voice and beginn voice operation indicated in the handbook.

Untie the notes (by selecting them and typing U).
Create the chord where you want the tie to end (first beat of bar 11 in the top stave and second beat in the bottom stave).
Then select the note where you want the tie to start, Cmd or Alt select the note where you want the tie to end and type T.
Repeat for each pitch you want to tie.

Great I knew it’s again just a question of my learning curve. Thank you very much.

And to get rid of ANY rest you do not want to see in your score, select it, go to Edit menu and Remove Rests.

I decided to see what I could do…