How can I make dorico save parts to the Cloud automatically?

So I have a composition with 8 parts, and I am able to have Google drive sync the entire project to the cloud automatically (I just have Google drive set to automatically upload and sync the Dorico Projects folder whenever changes are made)

But my question is, is this possible but with individual parts also? Meaning, I want to edit the full score on dorico, and have parts folders inside that folder that is being synced that also become updated when I edit the full score. Not sure if I’m making sense.


I am pretty sure that’s not possible.
Part layouts are part of the Dorico project file itself. If you want to have a separate file of a layout you would have to export it yourself.
If you change one of your layouts, you could of course every time save and export the layout as graphic file / .pdf file after you have set up a specific folder for those exports.

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