How can I make Dorico send modwheel info to Kontakt?

Hello, I hope I’m posting in the right place/manner. I’m a convert to Dorico from Finale and enjoying it very much. I do have one question: how can I get Dorico to send modwheel information to Kontakt for 3rd party libraries?

When I set up an instrument using the default Halion libraries, I can see the Halion virtual modwheel behaving properly. But when I change the VST instrument to a Kontakt 5 instrument, the modwheel in Kontakt doesn’t move. I’ve scoured various forum postings and also tried to look through Dorico’s Expression Maps and Playback Options, to no avail. On the other hand, I CAN draw Midi CC 1 data in the automation lane, and then Kontakt responds. So Kontakt just doesn’t respond to the dynamics or hairpins written in the score itself.

I’m probably missing something obvious! Thanks in advance for any help.

I tried this for you: so when I load Kontakt, I also don’t see the modwheel move but it is because Kontakt is ermpty. As soon as I open an instrument in it, the modwheel move and acts on the sound .
I drawed with the pencil :MIDI CC: CC1 and it works
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Thank you for that Dup!

And yes, I also can make a Kontakt instrument move the modwheel if I draw in Midi CC1 with the pencil. But can it work with just the regular dynamics and hairpins (cresc/decresc) in the normal score?

The Halion modwheel works with normal cresc markings. I want to do the same with Kontakt instruments.


Sorry but I only use Dorico to write sheet music and use sound as control of the notes not as musical expression purpose.
When I compose I use Cubase and a lot of vsti and controlers to achieve expression and realism.
But I think you can find some informations here:


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Good morning Steve, nice to meet you - and yes, the mod wheel can be controlled by dynamics and hairpins in the score using an expression map. There are posts here on the forum as well as a section in the manual you can check out. You might want to modify/create custom ones for use with various instruments in Kontact, but Dorico already has a basic one called “Modwheel dynamics” which you can select using the cog next to the instrument in the Play tab.