How can I modify the location of the user content

Hello dear Cubasers,

I use Cubase13pro in 2 different places. Once where the recordings are made and once where I then edit the recordings (projects are stored on a network drive). When recording, I like to use the “Load Fx Chain Preset” function for my instrument (bass). I have a personal setup for each piece of music. During recording, the inserts affect the PA output and the parameters are still often adjusted.

Now I would like to edit the recordings in another room (another computer). Unfortunately, the current changes to the presets are not available to me here. Here I only have older versions.
A local network is available, so I thought I could simply direct the “User Content” (with the FX Chain presets) to an external network, but so far I haven’t been able to do that. I can only do this with the favorites folder. Now, after recording, I have to copy the changed presets by hand into the favorites folder, which is very annoying because the folder views update very slowly and you quickly lose track. In the other room I then have to copy the presets from the favorites folder back to the Steinberg user content.

This is all very inconvenient, is there no better solution? Is it really not possible to modify the location-path of the “user content”?

Thank you for ideas !

If on windows :
FX chain presets are in Documents/Steinberg/FX Chain Presets

Actual plugin presets are in Documents/VST 3 Presets

You will have to manually copy those to the other machine.

If you need an easy or fool proof way just create a unique name when you Save, then do a search for that file.

edit: sorry I might have misunderstood your question slightly, presets can be stored anywhere also as long as that location selected and scanned in Mediabay

If I’d try to achieve this, I’d look into using a symbolic link, mapping a local destination to a networked one.

@Nico5: Hmmm… I already had this idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

If I create the link and then start Cubase, Cubase immediately creates a new folder. This creates a situation that shouldn’t actually be possible:


The “original” folder ist marked with .org.
The folder “FX Chain Presets” was created during Cubase startup.It seems that Cubase does not accept links.
My Link to a network location is ignored.

I would have sworn that 2 directory entries with the same name were not possible in Windows… hmmm

If I basically put my presets in a network folder that can be seen in cubase under “favorites”, then I can drag and drop the presets into my project. I tried that, it works. Unfortunately, when you want to save after changes, it ends. I cannot select a location that is not in the designated Cubase folder.


Could I reach the favorites folder here?

I also tried to see if I could perhaps use a link within the Steinberg folder. Does not work either. I created a test folder and a link using the Windows Explorer.


Cubase only recognizes the physical folder “Test Folder” but it ignores the link. The existing link is not visible here.

Did you actually create a symbolic link?

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Oh…thanks for the information. I don’t understand the difference between /D /H and /J but with /D it worked! Thank you very much… I learned something new today :slight_smile:

But seriously, what kind of magic are these with which you have to force such elementary things in Cubase…

I had really tried to make it easy to do a web search using the right term (since your original post didn’t specify which operating system you used).

oh well …