How can I move a rest sideways

I can see how to move items sideways as shown in the online help ‘Adjusting the spacing of individual notes/items independently of their rhythmic positions’.
However, I have this …
Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 10.16.12.png
and I wish to move the rest to the right to avoid the collision.
Am I missing a way of doing this?

How do you even get the rest in the middle of the staff? When I tried to replicate your screenshot, the eighth rest appears above all the other notes.
Perhaps you should attach a (cut down) version of your actual Dorico file (zipped, of course) so we can look at the specifics.

No need, Derrek - you just use the Rest Position property, set to 2.
(I’m in the middle of writing a post that addresses the bigger issue, which is pretty trivial to reproduce and not remotely project-specific).

Thanks, Leo.

It’s possible but extremely frustrating to do this “natively”. Notes have Voice Column Indexes, while rests don’t, so you’d need to give the chords a Voice Column Index of 1, then move the notes left and the rest right via manual Note Spacing. Then you have to compensate for the fact that the accidental remains firmly attached to Voice Column Index 0, and that moving the other stuff right creates extra space to the left of the whole thing. By way of example:

If you have a few of these, then you might be better off creating a new Notehead Set where each notehead uses the relevant rest glyph. You then enter an actual note instead of a rest, set it to use the new notehead, “suppress playback” from the properties panel (aka “Muted” in Dorico 2) and flick the “Hide Stem” property. As it’s a note it can have a Voice Column Index of 1, and hopefully won’t require any manual note spacing (or very little). See for more details.

Thanks for that, Leo - quite involved - in fact I downloaded your animated GIF so I could pursue the action frame by frame just so I could follow it.
But it WORKS!
However, I think your idea of creating a new glyph might be the best way round the problem. This piece of music only has about 6 occasions but guitar music, when polyphonic, often runs into the spacing problems.
Thanks again.

No problem. Bear in mind that in the Notehead Sets Editor there’s a Star icon in the bottom left corner that allows you to save the notehead set as default (meaning that it’ll be added to the default list of notehead sets). Clicking the star will enable this notehead set in all future projects, so once you’ve set it up, you’re set for life.

Yup, done it, so I look forward to a good restful life!

Ha. Restful, in this world? :confused: