How can I "move" to a new computer

I just received a new computer that I will dedicate to my Cubase usage. I currently have Cubase LE5 received with my Tascam interface on the old computer and my Cubase projects, plugins all are on the old computer. What are the steps to make the move smoothly without forgetting anything? Should I complete my on-going projects on the old computer before I move? I read through many Steinberg pages and never found clear answers on how to do this! Help Please!!! Thanks.

Roland: IMO — Always— Backup, Backup, Backup—your projects to some kind
of DVD—CD—USB sticks—external hard drive – etc.

IMO — Do the above backups of your projects to an external “something”
Then install Cubase Le5 on your new computer—and then import your projects–one by one,
into your new computer from these Backups. IMO this is the safest way without losing Data. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: I Always make 3 backups of a song (Project) on
3 different mediums DVD - CD - USB sticks – External hard drive
Example I RECENTLY had a CD Multitrack backup of a 5 year old song
screw up— Thank goodness I had backed it up on another medium. :wink:

PPS: IMO – YES finish your songs in your old computer
then make the Jump to your new one. :wink:

PPPS----- I know a lot of people using Cubase that record to an external hard drive all the time :wink: